Spotted Greenshank

Status: ENDANGERED Population Size: 600-1,300 ↓DECREASING↓ Brief Description In the Eastern Hemisphere, there flies a type of bird endangered by expansion and human infrastructure. The Spotted Greenshank or Nordmann’s Greenshank (Tringa guttifer) is a small bird currently endangered due to the expansion of the oil industry and reclamation in Russia and Asia. Typically, the Spotted… Read More Spotted Greenshank

Marine Iguana

Status: VULNERABLE Population: No official count but estimated between 200,000-300,000; studies on the islands suggest between 20,300 and 42,300 known individuals Brief Description Far off in the Galápagos exists a lizard capable of swimming within the cold currents. The famed marine iguana, Amblyrhynchus cristatus, relies on its unique adaptations to swim and prey on green… Read More Marine Iguana

Fernandina Giant Tortoise

Population: 1-5 members Status: CRITICALLY ENDANGERED Brief Description They’re back! Back from extinction! Once presumed extinct, the Fernandina Giant Tortoise or Chelonoidis phantasticus, native to the Fernandina island in the Galápagos, has recently resurfaced as of February. On February 17th, Washington Tapia, four rangers, and Forrest Galante, a biologist associated with Animal Planet which financed… Read More Fernandina Giant Tortoise