Helmeted Hornbill

Status: CRITICALLY ENDANGERED Population Estimate:  No determined population size ↓DECREASING↓ Brief Description In Indonesia, Southern Thailand, and Myanmer, a unique but endangered bird, more at risk than the elephants, resides in the lowland forests of the evergreen or semi-evergreen  (750 meters above sea level at maximum). Preferably occupying the coarse terrain like foothills, the Helmeted Hornbill, Rhinoplax… Read More Helmeted Hornbill

Saiga Antelope

 A mature Saiga Antelope showing off its white coat for the winter. Find the original image here. Status: CRITICALLY ENDANGERED  Brief Description The Saiga Antelope, or Saiga tatarica, is a diurnal ungulate indigenous to the deserts and grasslands of parts of Asia and southeastern Europe, most prominently in Kazakhstan. Highly nomadic, Saigas move north during the summer and develop less heavy… Read More Saiga Antelope